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Professional Services Mr. Wallach’s Publishings
  • ​Expert witness testimony
  • Plan reviews and evaluations
  • Research and analysis of tax laws
  • 419e and 412i plan rescue
  • Compliance Consulting 
  • Providing guidance for attorneys, CPAs and taxpayers nationwide
  • Determination letters of tax exempt status
  • Tax reduction strategies
  • ​IRS crackdowns on 419 and 412(i) plans
  • Reducing health care costs
  • Updating retirement plans
  • Asset protection
  • Estate planning
  • Premium financing
  • Life settlements
  • Captive insurance companies
  • Bringing your plans into compliance with the ​new IRS regulations

Retirement Plans Alert!

Due to recent changes to IRS regulations, most 419 plans and 412i plans are now in violation of the tax laws, and could subject both participants and their material advisors to large IRS tax penalties. The IRS is auditing many of these benefit plans now, and Section 79 plans, listed and reportable transactions and captive insurance are causing problems too. Let Lance Wallach review your plans BEFORE you get fined.

Avoid “IRS interest and penalties”. Contact us for preventive advice today before it’s too late! Click on the links below to view two of Lance’s many helpful articles.. The IRS has made it difficult for your accountant to help you.IRS Says Most “419 Plans” are “Abusive Tax Shelters”​


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